Q: What are the requirements to become a retail partner?  

A:  Just a few “tings”.

  1. Federal Tax ID to prove you're eligible for tax-free wholesale commerce
  2. A retail shop address within the 48 contiguous USA States
  3. Convince us that you care about customer service as much as we do
  4. Commit to sincerely support our brand
  5. Have a rad shop with great customers and staff who have fun
  6. Qualify for sales terms via our credit underwriter called "Rumbleship"
  7. BONUS: If you do rentals, lessons and/or excursions, we provide extra support to "active outfitters". 
  8. Online-only retailers are prohibited but affiliate retailers are allowed on a case-by-case basis.  For information please view our online affiliate program here.  

Q: Can I purchase at wholesale prices for me and my friends?

A: No, not even once.  In the event that we find out that this is done, we will immediately terminate your participation as a Hamboards Retailer and notify your state Taxation Agency of potential tax fraud.  There is zero grace on this policy.  

    Q: What are the requirements to get payment terms?

    A: Simply apply for payment terms and you'll have up to $1,500 in credit.  Payment terms are arranged through a third party underwriter called Rumbleship.  It's super easy.  If you need more credit, all you have to do is ask for more and they'll run a check and set you right up.  

    Q: What is Rumbleship Financial?

    A: It's a credit service for you; a third party credit underwriter and provider for use by Hamboards retail partners.  This costs you nothing.  Hamboards pays Rumbleship a percentage of our sales to provide you with credit and to administer our Accounts Receivable.  Simply put, you benefit and Hamboards pays for this service.  

    Q: Those are big cartons.  What will shipping rates be?

    A: Discounted UPS and USPS rates apply.  Generally speaking, it's ~10% of your order.  

    Q: You used to sell to retail shops then you stopped.  What changed?

    A: About five years ago, we sold lots of Hammys to retail shops, but we stumbled to provide reliable product and service.  We also couldn't afford Sales Reps and it just wasn't working.  So, we slowly pulled back from selling retail shops and got super focused to fix all our unforced errors. It was one heckuva journey.   We did get our act together by completely changing our manufacturing, inventing new products and replacing spreadsheets with syncronized apps.  For the last 2 years we tried to work with a couple well known surf/skate distributors, but that just didn't work out on account of world view differences.  Now, at this moment, we are super-stoked on our gear, our brand is solid, the webstore is clicking and our business processes are totally synchronized and locked-down. Hamboards is actually ready for Retail Partners! Now would be a good time for our segment on ABC's hit TV Show Shark Tank to air again!  


    Q: Where do you ship from?

    A: All orders ship from a mid-Atlantic third party fulfillment warehouse.  We moved our fulfillment warehouse from California to Pennsylvania because it's simpler, cheaper and most importantly, we can reach 50% of the USA population within two days; Central in three days; four to the South and five for West.   

    Q: Opening Order Requirements?

    AYou can buy one board or any number at a time.  There's no minimums.  It all works.  We prefer that new customers get behind the brand with one of each of our Classic, Pinger, Logger, Fish, Pescadito, Huntington Hop and Biscuit plus one of each of our SUPSkate Paddles.  Most shops have a demo board too. Contact us to discuss whether you qualify for a discounted demo and in-store display.  

    Q: What is my wholesale discount?

    A: Your discount depends on the quantity commitment as well as the advance notice you provide to us.  For the most basic level, with no minimums, our automatic wholesale discount is 40 points; for example, if a Hamboards item costs you $60 plus $6 shipping, you will sell at $100 for a $34 profitNote: This is especially profitable for you if you drop-ship an order directly to your customer becuase you never put-up the funds to buy the boards until you've already been paid by your customer.  Note, you are required to collect sales tax and make timely payments to your Sales Tax Agency.  Most of our retail clients who purchase reasonable quantities of boards from us will get keystone discounts and strategic accounts are negotiable. 

    Q: How do I, as a retail shop, compete with your Hamboards webstore?

    A: Value, Relationship and Customer Service - And.... Hamboards "plays fair" online.  Since we own our brand and distribute and fulfill 100% of our own product orders, we can provide these assurances.  

    • If you have a customer who wants a Hamboard that you don't have in stock, you can go onto our website, create the order and ship it directly to their home address... And make your full margin.  They never need to know that you never bought the board or how you did this... So you never have to refer an online order back to Hamboards.  (THIS IS HUGE)
    • We do not discount or offer free shipping on our online store. You have a huge advantage over us in that regard becuase we only sell to consumers via our webstore.  
    • Our webstore always shows MAP pricing.  With the exception of our BLEMS/DEMOS, we have permanently discontinued discounting on our webstore.  Note: From time to time, we will continue with seasonal promotions via online promotional codes; especially at Holidays.  The purpose for these promo codes is to grow our e-client list and social platforms; it is absolutely necessary.  
    • Our Amazon store has less selection and higher prices than on our own webstore. We prohibit any other Amazon retailers.  
    • We prohibit online-only retailers with the exception of "Affiliates" who actually feed full-priced orders directly to our warehouse for automatic drop-shipping.   
    • Once approved, your physical retail shop will be added to our online store finderWe will refer online clients to your shop via our customer service representatives, our e-newsletter and our social platforms which you can forward to your own client lists and social platforms.  We will provide digital content to support your needs.  This creates real value for you because we regularly receive inquiries online requesting a retail shop to go "see" an actual Hamboard.  
    • You are welcome to put your physical Hamboards stock on your own shop webstore, but not on Amazon or ANY other subscription e-retail sales channel.  If we find out that any of our approved retailers have violated this policy, we will be obliged to terminate their account in order to protect the other retailers.  
    More questions?  
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