Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions....

What's the weight limit?
We have riders riding the Classic, Pinger and Fish models that are tipping the scales over the 375 lbs mark.  Hamboards can carry the weight.  Plus if you upgrade the truck springs to the "Red" springs, they have a firm but responsive feel.

What size board is right for me?
Check out this page for more info: Which Hamboard is right for me?

Do you build custom boards?
If you have enough patience for the craftsmanship and time it takes to adjust or change the cosmetics of the various models AND have the significant amount of cash it also takes to make this process happen...then we should talk.  It's not easy and it's not cheap.

Can I have a Hamboards sticker?
Sure.  Send us a self address stamped envelope.  

How do I get replacement parts?
Check out our web store first.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us at customerservice@hamboards.com.  

How long will my Hamboard last?
A really long time.  Any piece of high quality oft used equipment requires some maintenance and care, as does a Hamboard.  We have seen regularly ridden Hamboards made in 2005 back in our shop for refurbishment (new bearings, bushings, cleaning and new deck coating) and they leave looking great and ready for another 8 to 10 years.

Is there any kind of maintenance required for my Hamboard?
As mentioned above "Any piece of high quality regularly used equipment requires some maintenance and care, as does a Hamboard".  So, we recommend you wipe it down with windex or any household cleaner after every use (if you really get it dirty, you can actually clean it with a powdered kitchen cleanser like COMET, a green scrubby sponge, and a hose).  Replace the Cam Bushings inside the front and rear trucks every 6 to 9 months, depending on use.  Clean and lube or replace the bearings once a year if necessary.

Why are Hamboards so expensive?
We hand make them out of the best quality materials, put the best hand applied paints and finishes, and install only the highest quality components including the wheels, trucks and bearings...not mention the bolts and nuts.

How long does it take to ship my Hamboard?
Please allow 3-4 business days to process your order and then the time it takes to ship your board via UPS ground... one to 2 days for California, 3 days to the middle of the US, 4 days for Florida and the near east, and 5 days for the far east. 

How do Hamboards handle hills?
Hamboards were designed to be ridden and enjoyed on the flats and gentle slopes.  If you want to ride your Hamboard on steep hills you need to talk to us about upgrading your trucks and still be aware that bombing hills on a Hamboard is not what we recommend.  So don't do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtkbKQRHqjs

How much does it cost to ship?
UPS changes freight rates all the time.  In the USA you can count on anywhere between $5 to $50 depending on the size of the board and the distance from our warehouse in Southern California.   

Where can I buy a Hamboard?
We sell them on our website www.hamboards.com and we have a bunch of great shops.

Can you sponsor me?
We haven't grown big enough as a company to be able to sponsor anyone yet.  What's funny is that Hamboarding is it's own thing... we don't really have Pro's because Hamboarding isn't a professional sport.  

Why are Hamboards different than a longboard?
A Hamboard just has a very different feel than regular longboard.  A Hamboard feels a lot like surfing even though you are riding on the land.  Riding a Hamboard takes Longboarding to a new level.

Are those real surfboards on wheels?
Nope. We paint and finish them like the surfboards we ride and love, and strive to give each Hamboard the craftsmanship and vibe that a handmade surfboard has...a Hamboard has wheels, looks very much like a surfboard, but is different.
Are Hamboards made in So. Cal?
All Hamboards were invented by hand in our HB shop.  As certain models became more popular, we scaled-up with the surf groms and local So. Cal vendors/manufacturers.  But we only have a small shop, so for any of the boards we sell a lot of, especially outside the USA, we have outsourced manufacturing to the experts like everybody else.  (Don't let anyone fool you.)  Our Minions are world class and help us make boards affordable... We're manufacturing right along beside other well known worldwide brands.  
Can I buy a board that's actually made at the shop?
Sure.  We love local!  If you want to purchase a new Hamboards assembled at the shop, just pop-in and see what we've got kicking around the showroom.  There's always a handful of special boards and one of a kinds kicking around.  We don't often sell those on the web store 'cause the locals and tourists tend to grab them as fast as we make them.