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Thank you for coming here.  As you scroll through this page, please enjoy this track Cake: Never There.   We get that you need answers, and we want to be awesome at Customer Service, but alas... there's 24/7/365.  Please hit us up at  We do hope this helps in the meantime.   

How do I choose between the Hamboards models?

Hamboards come in different shapes, sizes and set-ups, so choosing the right one can be confusing. No worries! Here’s a short guide to help you pick the perfect Hamboard for this summer.

First, please check out the illustration on this page so that you can refer to the images when you read below.

Start by thinking about your own perfect session.  Do you want to rip a rad short Skateboard or cruise on a Longboard, or carve the pave with a Surfskate or get your core workout on a SUP Skate or do you just close your eyes and feel that board warping snowboard vibe? If yes, to any of these, Hamboards has a plank for you.

Next, consider your Experience Level and Portability Requirements then check out these words. Be honest but avoid the temptation to be overly practical.

If you want a regular skateboard but need more deck to fit both your feet, and you want to experience maximum turn on a shorty, we recommend our Biscuit. It’s got Indy-style skateboard trucks, massive 24mm block risers and it’s almost 18 inches wide. This baby can pump and turn. And it’s barefoot friendly.

If you used to skate but lost it, or if you want a stable longboard cruiser with a ton of surf-style attitude, go for the Huntington Hop Cruise longboards. This is a great board for a beginner because it’s super wide and you can get every last bit of turn from the reverse kingpin trucks.

If you’ve tried a longboard cruiser, but you can’t quite make it turn, upgrade to our Huntington Hop Carve surf skates featuring our HST Surfskate Trucks. This is the next-level longboard that you never knew you could ride. All you have to do is think about turning and you’re in it. No joke; we’ve heard it hundreds of times. This makes longboarding much easier.

If you are ready for pure surf skate performance, hit the Fish , the world’s finest, high-performance surf skate. The super-wide and “turny” Fish is a dry-land trainer for aspirational surfers because it’s so incredibly responsive. Groms can practice paddling and pop-ups in the driveway... And, no shoes required.

If the Fish is what you imagine yourself riding, but it seems like a little too big or maybe too much for your skill level, we recommend the Pescadito little fish”. A smaller deck and smaller wheels make this little fish far more manageable than the Fish, but it’s still a full-on surf skate that makes rad turns.

The Logger is an amazingly versatile board. It’s become much more popular since we upgraded to HST Carving Trucks and 83mm wheels. It’s a much longer version of the Huntington Hop Carve, with almost 5 feet of deck. Walk it. Dance it. Cruise it. Carve it. The Logger feels soooooo much like snowboarding; no joke. We’re claiming it because we’ve heard it so many times. Please see the attached pic; the long/thin deck actually bends and twists at the same time. This is a rad surf skateboard that’s also awesome for SUP Skating. The Street Sweeper SUP Skate Paddle keeps the stoke flowing.

The Classic (Malibu fun board) and Pinger (pintail winger) are surf skates in a category of their own. These are huge boards that have some weight to them and have enormous wheels. You will be surprised at how the length, width and weight make these surf skate feel so much like surfing. These things can turn but they can also cruise on and on and on. The Classic and Pinger are the world’s finest longboard surf skates, made for barefoot footwork and nose riding. When you add the Street Sweeper SUP Skate paddle, you will be amazed at how much fun you can have and how far you can go. Most people will never get the chance to feel the sensation of SUP Surfing, but if you put a couple miles together on these boards, you’ll know what it’s like. AND, if you put 20 miles in, you’ll be amazed at the super-effective core workout. It’s soooooo fun.

How do I become a USA Hamboards Dealer/Retailer?

How do I become a non-USA Hamboards Dealer/Retailer?

Please send an email to  We have a growing (but very short) list of dealers outside the USA.   

How much does it cost to ship these boards?

In the USA, we typically ship via UPS Ground.  Below is a table showing the Published Rates and actual rates paid by Hamboards to ship boards to three locations.  Due to the UPS' arcane system and how our webstore packs items, it's impossible to charge our customers exactly what we pay.  We try to share in the shipping expense, but sometimes we win and sometimes we lose badly.  These rates below were fresh in January 2019 and include an extra fees for over sized and for residential delivery.  UPS changes the rates regularly, so we never know what it will be on any given day.  
Hamboards Shipping Costs 2019
What boards do you recommend for SUP Skating and are there there some key SUP Skate techniques you use?

Ok, this is a long one... Hit this link for Beck: Where It's At! to enjoy a chill soundtrack as you read this...

If you're up for 10 to 20 milers we recommend the Classic and Pinger.  The longer wheelbase and bigger wheels smooth out the ride.  Also, when we catch a rhythm, we tend to stand with both feet nearly parallel and pointing forward so that we can comfortably switch paddling arms, left and right.  Because our feet are connected to our hips, only the Classic, Pinger and Fish are wide enough to keep both your feet pointing forward, but the Fish is a little too wide.  For joy rides, we love to SUP Skate with the Logger, Huntington Hop and Pescadito.  It's all good, and it all takes a little practice.  

As for the Hamboard itself, most beginners are intimidated by how loose the board rides.  They think they need more stiffer springs, but what they really need is more practice.  It's like any other board sport, so you need enough speed to have the time to keep your center of gravity plumb with the board as it carves.  This is surfing.  Use your shoulders and hips, rather than your ankles.  Keep your chin up and look out.  Don't stare at your feet or the nose of the deck.  It can take beginners 2 or 3 sessions before they get comfortable and another 2 or 3 before they confidently carve and switch paddle arms.  From that point on, it's pure stoke.  Any experienced snowboard, surfer, wakeboarder, skier or SUP-er has a faster learning curve.  

There's a couple SUP Skate paddling techniques that are really important:

  • Don't start paddling from a dead stop.... Go ahead and kick a couple times to get your speed up and THEN take your first stroke with the paddle. 
  • Don't rush into a prone stance until you're totally ready for it.  Even with both feet pointing forward, we still keep one foot slightly ahead of the other for balance. 
  • Hop to regular/goofy foot to "surf through" road hazards, then take a couple power strokes to get your speed back up, then you can work your feet back to parallel forward.  This is how you recognize a skilled SUP Skater.  
  • The best way to stop yourself and the board (low speeds) at the same time is to dismount by stepping forward off the board with your back foot, which will cause the board to stop behind you.  Braking from higher speeds takes more time so we just drag the paddle tip on the road till we're going slow enough to dismount. 
  • Finally... the Street Sweeper SUP Skate paddle is a flexible pole, not a stick... It's made to flex and store energy then give it back to you in a smooth, controllable manner... You sprign yourself along... Unlike a water paddle, you don't pull yourself forward with the bottom hand, but rather you pull with your top hand against the fulcrum formed by your bottom hand.  Push the tip down with your bottom hand, keep your bottom arm straight and stiff and then pull the top hand toward your chin.  That will grip the road while loading the paddle so it can spring back smoothly, giving you an awesome forward push straight through the bottom hand.  E-books and videos are coming.  
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What's the difference between the Shortboard, Longboard, Surf Skate and SUP Skate terminology you use?  

We use Shortboard and Longboard in the context of surfing so when you see these two categories, we're describing the size of the decks.  We use "Surf-Style Longboards" (Reverse Kingpin RKP Trucks) and "Surfskate" (Spring Assist HST Trucks) to explain the "carve-ability" of the board.  We're also coining a new term "SUPskate" to categorize our best setups for land paddling. 

Why are your boards so high up off the ground? 

Otherwise you would "drag the rail" (scrape the deck on the ground) or get wheel bite (wheels would hit the underside of the deck) during aggressive turns. 

How pumpable are Hamboards with HST trucks and how is that different than other surf skates & longboards?

Yeah... here's another long winded explanation.. Enjoy this sweet melody Phoenix: If I Ever Feel Better to keep you in the mood to read to the end. 

Now... let's think about your Hamboard in the context of a fighter jet!  Wooooooo!!!  The rotational axes of an aircraft are pitch, roll and yaw. 


Our new HST trucks are definitely Surf Skate carving trucks, and they are absolutely pumpable.  HST trucks are designed for steep diving ROLL with extreme YAW during the carve... With some practice, when you lean in hard, you can keep your own center of gravity plumb with the boards center of gravity for amazing surfskate carve.  The HST's allow up to 28 degrees of ROLL in both directions.  No matter what angle you're attacking, the feedback (stability) is constant because the restorative force is a spring.  All four wheels stay on the ground during insanely powerful carves. 

Reverse Kingpin Trucks (on most longboard skateboards) are much more stable because they give less ROLL and less YAW during board lean.  Also, the restorative forces (bringing the board back to level) increases exponentially the farther you lean in... (because the restorative force is a compressed elastomer, not a spring).   The more you lean, the "stiffer" it feels.  A steep carve here can cause one of the wheels to lift-off the ground, reducing your road grip and carving sensation.  

Some other very popular surfskate carving trucks (also referred to as Swivel Trucks) make far more use of YAW than ROLL.  Skate boards with swivel trucks and casters allow pumping by "wiggling" your hips and shoulders.  This is an awesome experience, and you can pump your self along, but it's very different than the Hamboards HST vibe.    

My boards is squeaking.  What's up with that?  

A little lube goes a long way.  It's either between the two matching halves of the white plastic wavecams or the washer.  For a short term fix, hit the spring washer with some spray lubricant.  Later, when you have time, please take apart the components and apply white lithium grease.   

Most hardware stores have this in several brands but it must be white lithium grease, not clear. It's good to have this around the house anyway, and only costs a couple dollars per tube.  Don't forget the paper towels to wipe off your hands!    

Lucas Li Grease    Locktite Li Grease    AGS Li Grease 

It's easy. Just unscrew the kingpin bolt with a hex tool and then push the hanger down so that the top half of the wave cam pops-out of the pivot cup. Then add two pea-sized dollops of grease in between wave cam halves and them put it all back together. (Dollop is a real word.. JGI.)  Then start riding it.  By the forces of nature, the Li grease should eventually work its way into the spaces it needs to be and the squeaking will stop.  

 Silver Springs  Large ID Fender Washer


What's up with the new Hamboards HST Carving Trucks?

Wow, this is a good question.  The HST is a robust set-up that allows crazy SURF Skate carves.  We recommend Gnarls Barkley's Crazy as you read this. 

These trucks are a complete overhaul of the Original Skateboards S8 Trucks that we've been using for years,  The OS8's have been awesome, ... but not exactly perfect in every way... It was finally time to innovate, so we've invented these new trucks designed for the Hamboards style of radical-carvy SURF skating.  We've kept the same concept going, but every component (except the wavecam) has been overhauled.  Here's a link to the full story.  

  1. New Hanger - beefed up and reshaped with some nice curves.
  2. New Baseplate - integrated the plastic riser into the aluminum baseplate making it far more robust and reducing required hardware length and hardware shear loads.  No more need for aircraft hardware.  
  3. Thicker Pivot Cup - added thickness to lock tab side and to the hanger tab slot,  No more cracked pivot cups.  
  4. New Springs - eliminated compressive set and optimized forces for design envelope.  Increased from 3 to 3.5 turns and pre-set so they don't wear out.  Silver (20lbf) and Gold (25lbf) springs are available.  
  5. New Kingpin - reduced threads to prohibit over-tightening (black kingpin).  No more need to "tune".  Just tighten down until it stops.  
  6. New Cam Key - Replaced the old "lock tab" with a far more robust Cam Key that just won't break.  
  7. Wavecam - Nope, no changes... We have designed and tested several alternatives, but they just don't work.  So far, this has been pretty good.  

The HST's can be used to replace the OS8 on Hamboards.  AND... HST's can be used to replace the RKP trucks on our Biscuit, Huntington Hop and Pescadito with the included hardware.  Loggers need to move the front deck holes back, so you need a drill and countersink bit.  AND.... You can even convert your own longboard into a SURF Skateboard.  With these new trucks, all 4 wheels will carve like crazy.  It’s no longer a skateboard and it’s certainly not afraid of you.  Lean into the turns.  Shift your weight toward the back wheels for deep carves... Let the front wheels steer through the turn and hold the pave with the back.  

The head of my kingpin is stripped.  How do I remove a "stripped" kingpin?   

You'll need a special tool, a powerful drill and a new set of kingpins which we sell on our website.   We recommend the Grabbit(R) Speed Out bits and a corded drill.  Here's EXACTLY how to do it.  

My wavecam busted and the hanger tab came right off.  What's up with that?  

This one took some time to figure out.  Engineers love to solve problems, and it's especially neat when the answer isn't obvious.  Here's a video that explains the issue.  

If this happened to you, please reach out to us at and we'll send you replacement gear!  And we're already reminded our manufacturer to use vibratory bowl finishing (...that we specified!!!), which should have eliminated this problem.  

How do I upgrade my HST trucks to the New Silver Springs and Black Kingpins?    

New in Summer 2018 is the New Silver Spring (that doesn't wear out) and New Black Kingpins (that eliminate tuning). Please review this short video or this VERY LONG version video.  

These New Silver Springs offer the same restorative forces as the legacy Red Springs (~20 pounds force) but these springs are pre-set so that they don't break-in and don't wear out.  (At least, we haven't worn-out a set yet!) 

These New Black Kingpins feature 7mm of threads which eliminates "tuning".  Just tighten the kingpin until it stops turning and you're tuned perfectly.  

    My Hamboard came with the Original® OS8 or other Reverse Kingpin Trucks.  How do I upgrade my Hamboard to the new Hamboards® HST Trucks?  





    OLD: M6 80mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 65mm

    GOLD Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from Original S8 Trucks is simple but requires hand tools.  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Maximum wheel diameter is 97mm.  

    OLD: M6 75mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 65mm

    Gold Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from Original S8 Trucks is simple but requires hand tools.  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Maximum wheel diameter is 90mm.  

    OLD: M6 70mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 55mm

    Silver Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from Original S8 Trucks is simple but requires hand tools.  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Maximum wheel diameter is 90mm.  

    OLD: M5 50mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 50mm

    Silver Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from stock Reverse Kingpin Trucks is challenging and requires power tools because it requires drilling 4 new holes for the front truck and boring-out and countersinking 4 existing holes in the back.  Further,  you will be left with visible holes on the topside of your deck.  But ohhhh... the extra carve is soooooo worth it....  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Watch this video.

    OLD: M5 50mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 50mm

    Silver Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from stock Reverse Kingpin Trucks is moderately challenging and requires power tools to bore-out and countersink existing holes.  This transforms the HOP into a carving dream.  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Maximum wheel diameter is 66mm.  Watch this video.

    OLD: M5 50mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 50mm

    Silver Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from stock Reverse Kingpin Trucks is moderately challenging and requires power tools to bore-out and countersink existing holes.  This makes the Pescadito a crazy carving surfskate.  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Maximum wheel diameter is 66mm.  Watch this video.

    OLD: M5 50mm (remove this)

    NEW: M6 50mm

    Silver Springs

    Black Kingpins

    Upgrade from stock Reverse Kingpin Trucks is moderately challenging and requires power tools to bore-out and countersink existing holes.  This board becomes a crazy-turny beast.  Select correct Hardware and then read instructions below.  Maximum wheel diameter is 83mm.  


    If you're upgrading your existing Hamboard, here's how it goes...  

    1. We recommend you listen to this Phoenix:1901 track while you bear through this text. Let it roll in the background.  I give way too much info here.  Trust me, the soundtrack will help.  
    2. Remove your existing trucks and wheels. 
    3. Prepare your deck thru holes.The HST's come with M6 hardware which was one size larger than we used on the Biscuit, HHOP, Pescadito and Logger.
      1. Skip this step for Classic, Pinger and Fish
      2. Logger instructions: watch this video.  
      3. Huntington HOP and Pescadito instructions: watch this video.  
    4. Install the Block Risers.  Place the 4 bolts through the deck and slide on the riser block.  The wide part of the riser block is against the bottom side of the deck.  The 4 holes in the riser block are not centered front to back.  The shorter end of the riser block, with the holes nearest its edge, is oriented away from the center of the board.  
    5. Install the HST Trucks.  Slide the truck down onto the four (4) bolts.  This should be a tight fit.  If necessary put in one bolt at a time.  You may need to use a hammer to get the last bolt on. It's ok.  NOTE: There is an arrow shape relief in the underside of each HST truck.  That arrow ALWAYS points away from the center of the board and NEVER points toward the center of the board.  This is critical, because the board won't ride right if you get this backwards.  It may even be hazardous to your well being. Please take care of yourself and follow this rule. Tighten the bolts with a #4 metric (or 5/32 inch) Hex tool and a #10 mm box wrench or adjustable wrench.  
    6. Install your wheels.  Remove the axle nuts on your HST.  Remove one of the speed washers.  Place your wheels onto the axle.  Replace one speed washer and then tighten the lock nut so that it's secure but not so tight that it inhibits the wheel from spinning freely.    
      My Classic, Pinger of Fish has Original S8 Trucks.  How to maintain/tune?
      If your board doesn't feel quite right, please stop riding the board immediately... First thing is to make sure the OS8 Trucks are tuned right and lubed.  Could be... 1) not enough lube for wave cams or 2) broken wave cams or 3) the trucks aren't tuned-up right.  DON'T TIGHTEN THEM ALL THE WAY DOWN.  Please refer to the guide below on how to tune your trucks. If your trucks are tuned right, and you still hear squeaking, you might need to lubricate the wave cams.  Hamboards recommends and uses white lithium grease.  The guys at Original recommend an alternative using bar soap shavings inside the baseplate pivot cup and on the outside of the wavecams. They say that your trucks should never squeak again and the soap lasts much longer.  BTW Here's the link that teaches how to assemble Original S8 trucks.  
      Tuning OS8 Black Tuning OS8 

      My board has the Original S8 Trucks.  How do I swap-out springs or replace/lubricate the white plastic wave cams?  

      These trucks are manufactured by Original and they have a terrific video that shows illustrates how to maintain these trucks.  Here's the link.

      I stripped the hex insert on my Kingpin.  How do I fix that?  

      If your board has the OS8 Trucks manufactured by Original Skateboards, here is a link to the replacement part.  If your board has a black kingpin manufactured by Hamboards, here is a link to the replacement part.  If the hex head is stripped so badly that you can't loosen it with a hand tool, you might need to use a stripped screw extractor bit on a drill.  Here's a link to one kind that's available in most hardware stores.  These things work great.  

      How do I service or maintain my Original S8 Trucks?

      Here's a video from the manufacturer, Original Longboards on how to do just about everything with OS8 Trucks.  

      What's the weight limit?
      We steer heavier riders to the Classic and Pinger, but we simply can't offer a weight limit, because we just don't know.  We do know that a car is too heavy, because someone told us they backed over their board and it broke.  We do know that if you're on heavy side, stay away from the Logger, because it has a long wheel base with a relatively thin deck.  If you're over ~ 225lbs, the Logger deck will sag and you might get rail-drag on turns.  
      What size board is right for me?
      Check out this page for more info: Which Hamboard is right for me?
      Do you build custom boards?
      If you have enough patience for the craftsmanship and time it takes to adjust or change the cosmetics of the various models AND have the significant amount of cash it also takes to make this process happen...then we should talk.  It's not easy and it's not cheap.
      How do I get replacement parts?
      Check out our web store first.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us at

      How long will my Hamboard last?
      A really long time.  Any piece of high quality oft used equipment requires some maintenance and care, as does a Hamboard.  We have seen regularly ridden Hamboards made in 2005 back in our shop for refurbishment (new bearings, bushings, cleaning and new deck coating) and they leave looking great and ready for another 8 to 10 years.
      My "really" old Hamboard has a sticky and messy surface.  How to I refinish?
      Back when Pete had Hamboards as a “hobby business” Pete used product called “Monster Grip Paint” but we haven’t used it for at least 8 years.  We don't even know how to contact the company that makes Monster Grip Spray any more.  First you'll need to get rid of the Monster Paint grip.  We use an oven cleanser like EZ OFF.  It's a mess and requires some work.  Be careful because it's nasty.   


      Here's some BEFORE/AFTER photo's provided by one of our own customers.  
      Then once it's cleaned off, follow the directions from Lucid (See Below) or ReDEK.  Check this link for a video on Lucid Grip.  We recommend Clear Gloss Acrylic spray paint as a final coat on the bottom (and top if you like).  
      My Hamboard grip is wearing off.  How to I give my board more grip?
      This stuff is just too easy and good.  It comes in Light, Medium and Heavy.  Here's a video from the inventors themselves.  We like Light and Medium for barefoot and Heavy for Shoes.  Starting in November 2019, we sell Lucid Grip on our webstore.  You'll find it in the Accessories section.  
      Heavy Lucid Grip   Medium Lucid Grip Light Lucid Grip
      Is there any kind of maintenance required for my Hamboard?
      As mentioned above "Any piece of high quality regularly used equipment requires some maintenance and care, as does a Hamboard".  Use white lithium grease inside the pivot cup and between the halves of the wave cams and the spring washer.  Clean and lube or replace the bearings once a year if necessary.
      Why are Hamboards so expensive?
      We hand make them out of the best quality materials, put the best hand applied paints and finishes, and install only the highest quality components including the wheels, trucks and bearings...not mention the bolts and nuts.
      How do Hamboards handle hills?
      Hamboards were designed to be ridden and enjoyed on the flats and gentle slopes.  If you want to ride your Hamboard on steep hills you need to talk to us about upgrading your trucks and still be aware that bombing hills on a Hamboard is not what we recommend.  So don't do this.  

      Where can I buy a Hamboard?
      We sell them on our website and we have a bunch of great shops.  Check out our store finder here.