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"Surfing Re-Creates You"

My father, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz always insisted I surf. We started the Paskowitz Surf Camp in 1972 so we could surf all summer long and afford to live on the beach all winter. Through my years as a surf instructor and living a full-time surfing lifestyle, skateboards were always the Go-to for flat days. Skateboarding provided a relief from land locked van trips across the state, and country. Sidewalk Surfing was born crude,  and has continuously evolved. The trucks always seemed too tight, and the boards were way too narrow and short. Longboard skateboards evolved, but still had the same limitations, too narrow and too tight.  Nearly four decades later I helped give rise to “Surfskate” as its own genre of skateboarding, but there was still something missing; engaging the rail.  

The original 6’9” Classic, created by Pete Hamborg and his family, was designed to simulate Longboard Surfing. The 4’5” Fish, 5’7” Pinger were added later to encourage Land Surfing. Just for fun, the “Wholy” Pescadito, Huntington Hop and Biscuit “shortboards” were added with regular longboard trucks.  Once the Hamborgs, and their cousin, Donnie were featured on ABC’s hit TV show “Shark Tank” their family garage hobby graduated to a solid local Huntington Beach novelty.  

Demand for Hamboards got serious, so the team agreed to give it a shot… to make Hamboards into a legitimate business.  By this time, the boys were young men, so each of them pursued their own authentic lives, and Pete embraced his true desire to re-center his life around his family, and brand-new grandsons.  Cousin Donnie stuck it out and kept the start-up alive.  He quietly re-invented a high performance Surfskate truck, robust enough for Hamboards style of rail to rail Surfskate riding, and the very best land paddle in the world.  

When Donnie reached out to me for marketing ideas, I had never actually stepped on a Hamboard, but the very first time I rode a Hammy, I was immediately convinced that this was a game changer.  This photo is the exact moment I felt it, in a Staples parking lot.  After a couple months of checking it all out, I talked to the family then joined the team as a full business partner.    

I am proud to re-introduce Hamboards - The Quintessential Sidewalk Surfskate Board.

Hamboards and its patented HST Carving Truck stands alone as the only true Rail-to-Rail Surfing simulator. Other Surfskates only offer serpentine moves for pumping. The Hamboard HST Carving Trucks provides stability when cruising (in neutral) and deep gouging (30 degree) carves with rail to rail engagement, so that you can truly, trim and turn on a dime. Built with aircraft grade [insert specs] hardened grade [?]A356 aluminum, w/ T6 heat treatment, a brand-new high-performance spring, and a critical new kingpin that never needs tuning. This carving truck is meant to last a lifetime, w/ proper maintenance. Only Hamboards specializes in Longboard Surfskate, Shortboard Surfskate and SUPskate Land Paddling disciplines of riding.  We have some radical new Shortboard Surfskates in production slated for Summer 2020. 

Cross-stepping, nose rides and drop-knee turns all can be achieved with a Hamboards. You need to train yourself to keep your body’s center of gravity perpendicular to the board lean, so it really does feel like you’re carving on the rail.  Our specially designed oversized decks, paired with the HST carving trucks guarantee that natural surf feeling. When you master turns that dip the rail will develop a more dynamic surf routine on land that is sure to make the most out of your next surf session.  Guaranteed.  

I’ve been teaching surfing for my entire life, and it has never been more apparent how the relationship between surfing and skating serves to benefits your ability to perform in and out of the water. 

  • Improve your posture and overall balance
  • Practice and Perfect repetitive maneuvers on land to increase muscle memory like a round-house cutback, cross-stepping, top-turns, bottom turns, tail whips
  • Understand your stance; goofy foot (right-foot forward) or regular foot (left-foot forward)

Hamboards remains grateful for the Hamborg family’s inspiration and tenacity to start this local brand.  We remain committed to building on their legacy to bring Hamboards to the world.  We are pouring-on the authentic and original passion for surfing that my father instilled in his family, friends and students.  Dad lived for surfing and wanted nothing more than to share it with everyone and anyone.  Doc would be proud of what we’re trying to accomplish here at Hamboards, and his stoke inspires us.  All are welcome to the “HamFam”.