About Us Old

Surfing... what an incredible feeling. 

Over the years various skateboards have tried to capture that feeling of being on a wave.  Hamboards is Surf City on Wheels.  For landsurfers, we build the very finest handcrafted longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles.

The Hamboard story revolves around a family of 7 surfers from Huntington Beach, California. 

Over the years of living close to the beach the 5 brothers would grow to love the ocean and devote themselves to thoroughly enjoying it; surfing, diving, spear fishing, bodysurfing the Wedge, and eventually all become professional ocean lifeguards. With no intentions of designing a new style of skateboards or making a product, they simply wanted to make something that felt like they were riding a surfboard when they rode it.

Having a really fun skateboard to ride when the surf was flat became a family project.

Designing over dinner (pass the ketchup) trashing the garage, littering the yards with prototypes, searching anywhere and everywhere for the just right combination of wood, wheels, trucks, bolts and bearings that would bring that unique flow and feel.

It only took them 8 years or so to get it right (surfing every chance you get has a tendency to slow down projects)

The result is a HAMBOARD, which has a phenomenal similarity to surfing.

In some ways it was a happy accident, or as the Hamborgs like to say “God dropped the design in our laps”

Nevertheless surfers, skaters and active people world wide are having a blast carving big flowing turns, driving rail to rail hacks, or cross-steping up to the nose to hang ten on their Hamboards.