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Surfing Recreates You

Explore Your Greatest Self


As a boy, I was led to the surfboard by my father - Doc” Paskowitz”. He would say, “Abe, this is where you’ll discover your TRUE SELF. 

He was right. I found Life’s deepest truths unfolding on the surfboard. 

“There was a relationship there. A Thirst.”

Flat days and landlocked van trips were unbearable. I just NEEDED some waves, a zen high and a “Í’m fine” buzz. 

Skateboards provided a much-needed relief on these dull days. 

Sidewalk Surfing was Born Crude

Skateboarding was born out of the urge to surf the sidewalks. But for a long time, it fell short. 

“The trucks always seemed too tight, and the boards were way too narrow and short.
Longboard skateboards evolved, but still had the same limitations, too narrow and too tight


Someone’s Always Making Waves in this World

Decades later. I presented for the first time, an independent genre - Surf-Skating. 
The idea was an instant phenomenon. 
But the application came with limitations. 

Something was missing …. Engaging the rail


Hamboards. Surf-Skate Revelation. 


Pete Hamborg, a fireman and surfer. And his family. 
Years of trial and error. Frustrations. A driveway mishap. A land-board crushed by an SUV. 



For the first time ever, the world had a long skateboard that actually cruised rail-to-rail like a surfboard.

From Garage to SHARK TANK

Demand for Hamboards got serious, first with the locals in Huntington Beach and then the word spread like fire within the surf community. 

There was a business. 
But Pete was an innovator, not a businessman. Things went haywire with a lot of excitement but no proper planning. 
Enter Donnie, Pete’s cousin, a NASA engineer, entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire. 


What happened next was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Here’s what happened. Watch video. 


Donnie, Me (Abraham Paskowitz) and a Hamboards Re-Launch


When Donnie reached out to me for marketing ideas, I had never actually stepped on a Hamboard, but the very first time I rode a Hammy, I instantly saw a game-changer. It was the first time I got a floater on asphalt. 


Re-introducing Hamboards - The Quintessential Sidewalk Surfskate Board


Hamboards and its patented HST Carving Truck was designed to stands alone as the only true Rail-to-Rail Surfing simulator.
Other Surfskates only offer serpentine moves for pumping. 
The Hamboard HST CarvringCarving Trucks provides stability when cruising (in neutral) and deep gouging (30 degree)
carves with rail-to-rail engagement, so that you can truly, trim and turn on a dime.


NASA Engineer designed trucks for the ultimate carve and thrash. 


The Hamboard HST CarvringCarving Trucks provides unprecedented stability when cruising (in neutral) and deep gouging (30 degree) carves with rail to rail engagement so that you can truly, trim and turn on a dime. 
Built with aviation grade hardened A356 aluminum (with T6 heat treatment), a brand-new high-performance spring, and a critical new kingpin that never needs tuning, this carving truck is meant to unleash monster rips and will last a lifetime (with proper maintenance). 


Only Hamboards specializes in Longboard Surfskate, Shortboard Surfskate and
SUPupskate Land Paddling
 disciplines of riding.  


Coming soon, we have some rad all-new Shortboard Surfskates
in production slated for Summer 2020



Hamboards remains grateful to the Hamborg family’s work and inspiration and to
our community for their continued loyalty and support.