Demos and Blems

People ask us for blems, demos and samples all the time.  We figured we would make them available in our own version of a "Sample Sale".  The first set of blem Hammy's sold so fast that we were a bit confused.  So, we created this collection for those of you who want to try our gear out and don't mind some scrapes and dirt.  

We also sneak in some rad prototypes and weird stuff and tail runs that are nearly sold-out.  

If we get returns that are dinged-up and can be refurbished, we might add them here and offer them for sale.   The prices vary based on condition.  Supply is random, but whatever is in here will be completely fixed-up and in good shape. Not perfect, but good. Sometimes, great.

No refunds.  No returns.  Click on any of these to see more photos of the actual board.  

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