Logger | Surfskate | SUP Skate Paddle Kit | 60" | HST 200

Our most popular Surfskate/Paddle Combo  

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Get ON with your life!

Inherently SOCIALLY DISTANT and it's super fun.

Have Fun - Get Fit - Make New Friends (worldwide & distantly) - Make Adventures
  1. Purchase this kit.
  2. Get your Helmet, Hydration Backpack and some tunes in your ears.
  3. Identify a smooth 3K to 5K track to rip.
  4. Get your fitness sensor on-line, or download Endomondo from your smartphone APP store and set-up your profile.  
  5. If you want to use a fitness sensor, join the Connect SUP Skate Fitness app group and create your profile.  
  6. Make your first run and share your trip with the SUP Skate USA Facebook Group.