Street Sweeper Skate Pole

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Our most economical, yet powerful, skate pole

Why It Matters

The athletic, fun, and low-impact workout of SUP is now super accessible. Fewer hassles and less affected by climate and weather. No excuses now.

So Much More Than Just A Pole

The patented tapered pole allows for comfortable flex and a controllable energy release that your shoulders, elbows, and wrists will love.

The Tip That Won't Slip

Patented, Proven, and Replaceable.

Built To Perform

Designed by athletes who started skate poling before the sport was born and who SUP "in the water" almost daily. They just work.

Power And Feel

The Street Sweeper optimizes both. The end result is comfortable, fun, athletic, reliable piece of equipment.  

Super Convenient Stand Up Paddle Experience

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Technical Details

Adjustable Length.  



1) Determine Ride Height (Top of your head while standing on your board.)

2) Select from three available sizes: Small, Medium Large

3) Optional: Optimize flex performance by cutting your top section to length.  Can be "trimmed" to optimize performance. Must keep at least 9 inches of top tube inserted into lower pole.  

Adjustable Land Paddle Size Chart


Lightweight Blend of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin.  The tapered pole provides comfortable flex so that energy can be loaded in smoothly and released with a comfortable kick.  

Pusher Tip:

Patented flexible, replaceable rubber tip.  Two styles are available.  

Hand Grips:

Rugged and durable plastic handle that can handle drops and scrapes.  


This skate pole was invented by a NASA engineer and took years of designing, testing, and improving.  US Patent No. 9,724,593.