Twisted Fin

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Length: 26 in

Width: 14 in

Wheelbase: 14 in

Weight: 9 lb

Wheel Diameter: 66 mm

Front Truck: 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger

Rear Truck: 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger

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Strictly Pro Surfskate

Designed with Champion Surfer Cory Lopez for professional pump-ability

... Skilled surf-skaters and surfers only...
***This is Radical Rail-to-Rail Surfskate***
Hamboards Twisted Fin Safety Warning
More safety information here.  

ULTRA PUMPABLE Hamboard w/ Super Snappy HST Spring Trucks


26in x 14in  (16in wheel base) Swallow Kick-tail, Concave, Five Ply Birch Deck w/ clear grit.

HST Carving Trucks with 30 degrees of board lean... 

62mm x 45mm 78-80A black cast PU carving wheels.

NOTICE: This board has 30 degrees of board lean on a very short 16 inch wheelbase.  This thing screams TURN!   "If you do not understand what this means, or why it matters, for your own safety, you should NOT ride this board.  


This board has insane turning capabilities. You gotta be prepared to ride this board with your shoulders and hips as if engaging your rail on trim. Surf: Don’t Skate.  Even for highly skilled skaters, helmets and pads are recommended.  You know your skill level and you know your own limits.  - We love your style but we also want you to take care of yourself. As the saying goes “Easy does it!” We don’t want you going all out on your first ride. Get to know your board and bond with it before RIPPING it to the MAX.  When you’re ready, practice your blow tails and tail whips all day long, but skate within your limits and wear safety gear to keep you safe.  

Gold Spring on the front and Silver on the back:

These are not swivel trucks, unlike many other "surfskate trucks", but rather spring trucks.  Most of the pumping action is driven by your front leg/foot, and so we provide our 25lbf Gold springs.  NOTE: Your board is delivered fully tightened for max snap.  If the board seems too snappy for your weight, please back-off the kingpin by half turn increments, until it feels right for you.  Lighter riders will need to loosen the kingpins until the board flows for your riding style.  

Tune it to your perfect feel.  If it's too snappy, loosen the kingpin gradually till it feels right. 
  • Up to 100lbs, back off the kingpin a full 360 degrees
  • ~ 150lbs, back-off kingpin 180 degrees
  • ~ 200lbs leave the front kingpin fully tight

Springs vs. Polyurethane Compression Bushings:

Our Gold Springs are designed to carry about 750lbf (pound-force) of axial load.  At the end of the hanger arm, due to leverage and the spherical wave cams translation of rotation into "spring compression"; that 750lbf of spring load translates to about 25lbf of restorative force on the wheel.  The HST mechanism gives back nearly all the "potential energy" you put into it, in a smooth and forgiving manner.  

  • No Wheel Bite 
  • 30 degree board lean
  • Wide, concave and kick-tail deck


The concave and swallow kick-tail allow you to get leverage on the deck for tail washes and 180's.  If you do pull-off a spin, you can ride the HST trucks backwards: we don't recommend ride backwards with swivel truck surfskates and surfskate adapters.