e-Classic | Surfskate | 74" | HST 200

e-Hammy's are built to pre-order.  Limited Supplies.  Lead times vary.  

This thing is no joke, so enter email above to request order information.  We want to vet the people purchasing these, to make 100% sure you can handle it.  No returns or exchanges.  You must be able to maintain this complex machine and acknowledge that if you're going to push a machine to its limits, you MUST demonstrate a respectful appreciation for those limits.  Then, it's an endless wave for you.  

Own the e-board that makes 'em go "Whaaa?!"


Length: 6'2" | Width: 15.25" | Thickness: 0.9" | Weight: 40 lbs


Hamboards Hand Crafted Custom  Super-Hard Bamboo.  Grab rails.  Wheel wells. Perfect flex... perfect.  


Dual front wheel drive Ride Unlimited Pro kit.  


Custom designed and patented 200mm Hamboards Surfskate Trucks (HST) featuring the brand new black autotune kingpins and gold zinc plated 25lbf springs.  No tuning required. Thirty (30) degrees of board lean is NO JOKE.  

Secret Sauce:

We add a 5deg wedge riser on back truck for 55 degrees.  This may seem insane or stupid, but it makes this thing steer from the back which is what we want.  We don't get speed wobbles 'cause we're going for flow, sway and surf stoke.