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Pescadito | Surfskate | Black Tail | 3'7" | HST200

Maximum maneuverability delivered a lightweight, compact design.

Pescadito | Surfskate | Black Tail | 3'7" | HST200

Our most pumpable longboard

Part of the Cruise Collection


  • Unique Quality: Our most pumpable longboard.
  • Weight Limit: Perfect for riders of any size.
  • Used For: Great for pumping, and carving.
  • Experience Level: For beginners to advanced board riders.



Length: 3.6ft | Width: 14in | Height: 5.875in | Weight: 13 lbs.


High-Quality 8 ply Maple/Birch/Maple plywood OR natural 3 ply Bamboo plywood.  UV resistant painted decorations or clear coating with "clear" grit on top.


Hamboards Milk Chocolate Cast PU 66mm/80A (46mm wide, 35mm contact).


Patented Hamboards HST Carving Trucks w/ Silver (20lbf max) Springs and Black Kingpins, 25mm Birch (or Bamboo) Plywood riser blocks and M6 50mm Hardware. 

Gold (25lbf max) springs available as accessories and can be swapped out for the stock silver springs.  We think golds are a bit too snappy on this board but they cab be helpful for beginners and/or heavier riders.  


Hamboards SAN-O Turning Bearings (greased and sealed)

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