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SUP Skate Land Paddle Kit | Natural Cherry Logger | Large Pro Paddle

Rider Size

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Soulful Cruiser Log.

HST Truck on Huntington HOP

Designed for awesomeness. The Logger deck was stripped down and restyled for epic thrash and retro style. Fitted with HST carving trucks this long wheelbase offers ultimate cruise and carve. Pure surf-skate for beginners and advanced riders alike.


Decorative designs of this natural walnut and birch beauty were inspired by the fabled Chris * Craft® sport boats heritage from the 1950's.  

Why it Matters

Casual riders and boarders of any experience will love the Classic Hamboard surf experience in a familiar longboard size. Kick back and cruise, walk it out or pump up and down the line and carve hard.

Best Used for

Cruising, Carving, Noseriding, and SUP skating. This is a great board to start using the Street Sweeper for easy coasting.

Quality and Style

Premium quality; Hamboards style. This board will last a lifetime. The decks are made with either premium 9 ply maple-birch and can take a beating time and time again. The Durable UV resistant grip coating enables heavy slides while barefooted to emulate the surfing experience.

Turning and Performance

The perfect blend of length, flex, and height that creates classic surf carve and flow. No wheel bite, no wheel lift, no rail drag..

Smooth Ride

This log flexes like no other Hamboard as it grips the road for Buttery Smooth carves. Its' narrow design and long length is created for deep leans and cross stepping..

Dimensions and Shape

Classic longboard feel with some added length. This 59¼" x 11¼" longboard has more room to play with so you can explore your style.

A Logger makes life better

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Technical Details


Length: 5ft | Width: 11.25in | Height: 6.25in | Weight: 15.2 lbs


Black Walnut with contrasting birch stringers or 9-ply maple/birch/maple decks with heat transfer decorations and UV Resistant clear coat grip.  


Hamboards Milk Chocolate 83mm 80A cast PU wheels. (52mm wide, 48mm contact patch)


Hamboards HST Carving trucks with 25mm block risers,  Silver Springs, Black Kingpins.  


Hamboards SAN-O turning bearings with grease lube and rubber seals.