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Biscuit | Shortboard | Bomb Pop | 24" | IND150

Easy, fun, hassle-free surf like turning experience. Lean in and Love it. The ultimate campus cruiser.

Biscuit | Shortboard | Bomb Pop | 24" | IND150

Our most pumpable and portable board

■ Includes free set of 8 lock washers in case trucks loosen from deck.

Part of the Cruise Collection


  • Unique Quality: Our most pumpable and portable board
  • Weight Limit: No weight limit but great for smaller riders
  • Used For: Practice surf turns, get from A-B, keep it in your locker
  • Experience Level: For beginners to advanced board riders

Big fun. Small package.

Why it Matters

More turn than any mini on market.  It's wide and high so you can slice the pave without rail drag.  Surfy, pumpable, adorable, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Best Used for

Carvey, flowy, pumpy turns for anyone at any age, without fear of wheel bite.

Quality and Style

Built to last. Hand applied decorative heat transfers over hand dye-dipped laminated birch deck.  One durable coat of 60S grit covered by a UV resistant gloss lacquer.  

Turning and Performance

Due to popular demand, in 2019 we've returned to classic "Indy style" Skateboard Trucks for smooth, confident transitions from pumping to carving.  

Smooth Ride

Hamboards signature chocolate brown 62 mm 80a wheels and SAN-O  double rubber sealed grease bearings for maximum turning performance.  At low speeds hard turns, synthetic grease is a much better lubricant than gun oil.  

Dimensions and Shape

Unmatched Design. The Biscuit's secret is its width. At 2'-0" x 13 3/4" this pint sized package still offers you plenty of deck to throw some serious turns.

The Mini the Universe has been waiting for.

Biscuit | Shortboard | Bomb Pop | 24" | IND150 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 9 reviews.