Sebastien La Rocca

Sebastien La Rocca


Sebastian La Rocca is an Argentinian born world-renowned Chef with Italian roots and a nomadic heart. At the very young age of 5 years, Sebastian’s curiosity led him to spend many hours in the kitchen at the hands of his beloved grandmother, who he thanks for having lit the flame of his passion for cooking.

He is the founder of Evoke Culinary Consultancy Company where he dedicates himself to consulting and guiding restaurants and hotels Wordwide. Additionally, Sebastian host a famous cooking show called “Sabores” broadcasted on one of the most well-known TV channels in Costa Rica where he resides. 

His professional background and experience has been along the way with outstanding figures as Jamie Oliver, as well as being chef of others distinguished International restaurants as El Mangroove Hotel Costa Rica, Faena Hotel Buenos Aires, Zodiac Uk (2 rosettes | Michelin Guide) and Barbecoa London by Jamie Oliver (2 rosettes | Micheling Guide). He just open in Costa Rica Botaniko he’s last restaurant where he cook only with wood and open fires



Favorite Food

Sushi, Pasta, Burgers

Favorite Place

Sebastian La Rocca