Name: Neil Messmer

Bio: Neil Messmer: I'm an 18 year old from California and Biarritz France and I like to surf and skate. I’ve always enjoyed being in the water, but my true obsession with surfing started after getting my first log 2 years ago. I grew up skateboarding and now that I am a surfer I love the fact that I can skate on a hamboard and feel like I am surfing and skating at the same time! I like to spent time traveling and surfing new spots around the world. Head down to sano or doho and you will most likely find me there!

Hometown: Biarritz France and Dana Point California

Favorite hamboards: Classic

Favorite food: chicken teriyaki bowl from Flame Broiler

Favorite place: doheny

Favorite color: blue

Favorite musical instrument: guitar