Matthias Leute

Matthias Leute


Matthias Leute(aka. VoltageFrog) was born and raised in Karlsruhe, a beautiful city in Germany. Before he discovered his passion for surfing and skateboarding. he mainly followed his passion for economic research. That doesn't sound right somehow...In 2016, Matt also fell in love iwth electric skateboard races. Since then, he qualified for the finals in the World Cups multiple times. Being a passionable photographer, Matt enjoys discovering and skating new places all around the world. For him, skateboarding is not only a passion but a lifestyle that he loves to share and get people excited about wherever he goes. If you should see him, chances are good, he has a board in his hands or under his feet.
Favorite Hamboards: The Classic 100%-When I tried this board for the very first time. It just felt like-surfing immediately-on the pavement! This board has an awesome surfly fee that gets you hooked right away. Awesome!



Favorite Food

A nice cold beer served on a skateboard

Favorite Place

Earth-everywhere, anytime, all the time. I think I have a problem

Matthias Leute