Name: Chapman Hamborg

Bio: I grew up riding and designing Hamboards with my four brothers and dad in Huntington Beach. I studied traditional painting and sculpture in Florence, Italy for four years. During my travels, I met my British wife at a Christmas party in England. I now work as a freelance artist and art instructor, living in Huntington Beach with my wife and two sons. I love surfing, skating, and exploring nature with my family.

Favorite place: Huntington Beach

Favorite hamboard:  classic

-I have so much fun cross-stepping, cruising and power sliding on it. It's big enough to ride on with a friend or two or push my kids around on.

Favorite food: sushi

- Newport Back Bay and Playgrounds - Newport Elementary school on the beach.

-I love painting on Hamboards.



Chapman HamborgChapman HamborgChapman HamborgChapman Hamborg