So What’s The New Fuss About Turkish Towels?

So What’s The New Fuss About Turkish Towels?

To be honest even seven months ago, I was completely oblivious to the existence of Turkish Towels. I was happily dabbing myself dry with the standard terry-cotton ones.

Like most of us, I never related my towels to luxury. It was just something to dry myself with. Pretty sad.

And then a friend of mine introduced to me these cool SandCloud Turkish Towels.

And what happened next?

I completely went all out for these fab, absorbent and super soft Turkish Towels.

And when I heard that the company actually uses part of their profit to protect our oceans and conserve marine life, I decided to include their towels as our new product line.

These awesome SandCloud Towels have the same personality as Hamboards, so it was a no brainer.

You can tuck these in your backpack’s front chamber and ride to the beach. On top, they are versatile, you can throw them on the beach or by the poolside, wear them as a sarong or scarf and can even use them as a summer throw.

Let me explain a bit more before you scroll down straight away and get one for yourself.


Turkish Towels Vs Terry-cloth Towels

Turkey is known for some of the highest quality cotton in the world. And that’s what these babies are made of – the finest quality Turkish cotton.



This cotton is woven with longer staple fibers than average terry-cloth which makes the fabric softer, stronger and more absorbent. Seriously, it is better in every way.

These towels, also known as Peshtemal or Hammam towels are the ultimate thing of luxury. They are traditionally hand-woven on looms in Turkey and have been part of the rich traditional Turkish Bath (Hammam) for centuries.

The soft cotton is lightweight and super absorbent and they dry up way faster than their heavyweight terry-cotton counterparts.

Plus, the SandCloud Turkish towels come in bright colors and cool quirky patterns.  



And what more? Throw it on the beach, pick it up and the sand won’t stick to it.

And the colors are so cool that some people are using them to decorate their rooms as tapestries. Imagine hanging your ordinary towel as an embellishment for your living or bedroom.

On top of that, these Turkish cotton towels are so durable that they’ll keep you company on the beach or the poolside for years to come.

Here’s a typical review of of SandCloud Towels. And there are thousands of them.


Great little towel! Love the feel and that sand doesn't stick! Vibrant colors look great regardless of weather. Bought 2, the 2nd one as a gift but the colors may not be equal as they are hand-dyed. Dries quickly and doesn't take much space. Perfect for the beach!

Sandy Y


I absolutely love my sand cloud towel! Before I even unrolled it and used it, I received 2 compliments! The pattern and color are gorgeous!

Brittany H

Every other review pretty much carries the same tone. And that says a lot about these hand-loomed exotic towels.

The SandCloud Turkish Towels are 100% Turkish cotton, soft, sturdy, absorbent and smooth. And there’s a soft or funky design to match your style or if your décor (if you’re an interior designer).



And The Winner Is ..

I’m going to let you decide this one. That fact is there wasn’t even a fair fight. These exotic towels out-do our old fashioned traditional towels in every way.

So, think luxury and comfort for patting yourself dry or just going to the beach. Your body will love the touch.

And oh! I forgot to mention. You’ll become a part of the growing Eco-Friendly family when you buy these babies from SandCloud Towels.


Drape Yourself With This Beauty Today

10% of the profit will go to conserve marine life.

Check Out Our Wide Range of Designs



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