August 16, 2017

Top 10 Destinations For Longboarding, Must Know for Every Surfer

Backpacking and Longboard Land-Surfing


If you’re thinking of backpacking around the world with your logger, then this article would save you a ton of online digging. Not to mention, traveling with your longboard will save you a ton of cash, especially if you’re thinking of swinging by cities like London and Paris.

If you really want to enjoy the experience of longboarding around the globe, then some cities are definitely better than others, more skate friendly and heaps more fun.

So, let’s just go ahead and see our top 10 list for longboarding. 


10) San Francisco, California

Top 10 Cities for Longboard Skating

Not being biased because it’s our own little backyard, but not many places in the world can match San Francisco for longboarding experience. I admit, the rain can dampen the spirit at times but it more than makes up for that with its legendary hills.

You’d be insane not to bomb these hills Sean Connery escaped from FBI agent Nicholas Cage in The Rock.

It gets better when you get to the top part of Lombard Avenue which by itself makes a perfect slalom course.

So, if you really got a love of longboarding, then San Fran is the go to place.


9) Los Angeles, California

Top Destinations for Longboard Skating

Once again, this has nothing to do with me loving my own country/state but it so happens that LA is REALLY a longboarding haven. The history of skateboarding started here and till date, it’s one of the best places to roll around on planks on wheels.

LA proudly boasts more legendary spots for longboarding as well as skateboarding than any other city across 5 continents.

So make sure not to miss the Mecca of Longboarding/Skateboarding.


8) Barcelona, Spain

Longboard surfing destinations Europe

Ah, one of my top places of all time and not just for the amazing longboarding experience. A list without Barcelona would just be incomplete. The Catalan capital in the heart of Europe has to be one of the skate friendliest cities in the world.

It has been the epicenter of Europe and Australia’s Longboarding scene for a long time thanks to its warm climate and long expanses of skate friendly concretes. This is Europe’s top destination for longboarders.

Europe Skating Destinations, Hamboards

So now you know where to hop off with that Classic or Logger next time you’re in Europe.

7) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Top longboard surfing destinations South America

If you thought I was obsessed about Spain, then wait. Rio is famous for its beautiful beaches and promenades but what makes this perfect for longboarding are the cycle paths along Copacabana can Ipanema beachfront, and of course, the spirit of the city itself.

The soul of Rio is what every longboarder craves to touch and feel. Trouble is, you’ll never be the same again after cruising around in Rio. Don’t miss.

6) Col de Turini – Italy

Best Longboard Skating Destinations, Europe

Fan of UK TV series Top Gear? Well, good news is we are on the same page with them, we agree that Col de Turini is a dream destination for anyone seeking downhill rush on wheels. And there’s no better way to do it than on a longboard.

Italy is famous for its smooth tarmac and there are enough hairpins even for the biggest adrenaline junkies.


5) Titan’s Path, Norway

World's best destination for downhill longboard cruising

If Europe and hairpins are what you after, then expect that and a lot more from this little village called Lysebotn of Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.

Not only can you camp right in the middle of breathtaking nature but this place offers one of the most amazing downhill roads in Europe. The terrain is smooth and stretches to a kilometer in length. It’s a beast.

For curves like this, consider taking a longboard like our Pinger. These hairpins call for a board that carves better than average boards.

The Pinger is one of the best longboards in the world today. It comes with huge 200mm spring torsion trucks with massive riser pads and deep wheel wells for insane maneuverability and carving.

World's best longboard skateboarding places

Love hairpins and crazy turns?

Hamboards Pinger

4) Malaga, Spain

Ultimate Skateboarding Cities in Europe

Malaga might be known for its club debauchery, but few know it’s one of the top spots in the world for longboarding thrill seekers. The weather is perfect and this southern Spanish coastal town averages 11 hours of sunshine in July and August.

Malaga has vast expanses of longboarding terrains, both along the coast and the hill slopes of Andalucia. So you get the best of both. A word of advice here, keep clear of England soccer fans or you might end up in a barrel of beer throughout your stay, good crack but you’ll miss out on longboarding.


3) Malmo, Sweden

Even though the weather in Malmo is not longboarding friendly for the most part of the year (rains for an average of 169 days a year and often snow covered in winter), the 17 hours long summer days more than make up for the dull days.

Malmo offers a plethora of smooth pavements that are ideal for longboarding on boards like Huntington Hop and Pescadito.

Smooth sidewalk surfing longboard Pescadito

The city is something of a center for Swedish skateboard culture and you’ll find plenty of wicked skate-parks (that host international contest) to go cruising with cool locals.

2) Portland, Oregon

Top USA Skateboarding Cities

Portland can comfortably claim the top spot for being the world’s longboard friendliest city. The Rip city boasts skate-lanes next to many of their bike lanes so you can save dosh and the environment at the same time while cruising on your longboard.

Make sure you pump the Springwater Corridor which is fairly flat for the most part and the Eastside Esplanade. The Washington Hills offers short hills with fun turns.

The smooth roads on Prune Hill is another hidden gem for longboarders. Hit it early in the morning for the most amazing land-surfing experience.

1) Cape Town, South Africa

World's best longboard cruising and surfing destinations

Cape Town tops the list for longboarders. It is an international surf hotspot. Surf fans from around the world and the locals enthusiastically go longboarding even when the waves are breaking. The city enjoys a skate-friendly climate throughout the year, it apparently gets more sunshine than Madrid.

You’ll find hill slopes to roll all around the town and long seafront promenades that's just awesome for cruising and turning. And should you have some need for kickflips, they’ve just built a new skate-park just for that.


The Final Bend

So, there’s our list of top 10 spots for longboard land surfing.

These are but just a few spots on the globe I could pin down. There are scores of other great cities to go cruising, like Seoul in South Korea.

The soul and ‘dharma’ of your longboard really shows when you take it elsewhere. The same board drives differently in different hills, different terrains.

So, next time you’re thinking of backpacking, take your longboard with you. And make sure to pack in those extra Truck Springs and Turning Bearings to match the slopes.


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