Healing for Ham


Nico here! About a month ago I sprained my ankle while surfing. It’s such a bummer to have began my summer that way but when I do get back out on the Hamboards I know that the Huntington Hop will probably be my go to. This board is amazing for cruising and still super responsive for easy cutting and turning. It’s no fun to be healing through my favorite season and it is quite a challenge to stay off my Hamboard. Although I'm not back out Hamming yet, I am able to (sort of) surf. Lucky for me, I'm a longboarder and it’s a bit more forgiving when you have a sprained ankle and slow popup.

I recently had an amazing morning at Rockaway with photographer, Jorge Quinteros. I'm not used to being in front of the camera and thankfully, Jorge appreciated that. He was there to capture the "usual" surf routine. He met me at my car and the photos began from the moment  I was getting my board off the roof.

When Jorge shared the photos with me it was so interesting to see those moments that are usually missed. Something as simple as crossing the street with the sun still rising and carrying a surfboard makes you realize surfing isn't just about catching a wave; it's everything from waking up with stoke in the morning to lying in bed, with sand engrained in your scalp at the end of the day.






Photos by Jorge Quinteros, http://jorgeq.com

Beyond the Tank here we come !


As you probably know, we were was established in 1997 by Pete Hamborg.

His 5 sons - Gus, Anders, Chapman, Jachin, and Moses, all expressed "Dad, the waves are flat" as well as "Dad, how can I get better at surfing". 

Insert light bulb. 

From then on, Pete started his journey to crafting the worlds best longboard that replicates surfing for the first time.  

With ABC-TV's Beyond the Tank airing tomorrow night at 10pm ... millions will get an insight into that creation. 

We can't believe it either..

Thank you "Shark Tank" and Robert Herjavec, for believing in our giant skateboard.  

Our life’s mission is to share the feeling of surfing with the rest of the world in a way that traditional skateboarding never could. 

Thank you for being a part of this adventure with us!