Hamboards e-Pesky & Logger 'splained by D
June 22, 2020

Hamboards e-Pesky & Logger 'splained by D

A very educated repeat customer named Geoff B. asked me to explain why I have landed on the Ride Unlimited Cruise kit for the first ever e-Pescadito and e-Logger.  It's a fair question.  He probed me about belt drives, dual drives, mileage, power and such.  He figured there were far more popular and powerful set-ups to choose from.  I figure some of you might also like to get inside my head about this so I'll share my response here in this blog.  

Firstly, I want to give credit to my collaborators.  Max B. in Italy helped me design this radical, robust and sexy surfskate HST truck.   

First, very special thanks to Tom G. who has been THE MAN, pushing me to get on with it, relentlessly... and loaning me his own gear to try.  Juan and Ed Guzman from Cape Henlopen, DE, have been incredible, gracious and generous as test riders, tweaking and optimizing the set-ups and configuration.  (They pulled me to the front wheel drive.)   Thanks to Pablo C. at Loaded who generously authorized Hamboards to OEM our own e-Hammy's.  Saving the most important for last, Juan Pablo V. at Ride Unlimited, invented this incredibly versatile and fun e-drive system.  It's truly been a worldwide collaboration.  

The Guzman Brothers Ride Team

Q: You have waited years to come out with an e-drive Hamboard.  For the e-Pescadito, you landed on one hub motor drive?... Don't you need more torque and power?  Goofy/Regular; why and how did you land on that set-up?  There's other way more powerful e-drives.  You have two front wheel drives on the e-Logger?  Why on earth?  Why do you say these are for carving but aren't for cruising?  That sounds nuts...  I'm on the fence between a One Wheel or the e-Pescadito..., so can you convince me?  

A: I guess it comes down making sure the e-Pescadito and e-Logger feels exactly like the super surfy Hamboards they already are, so I picked the drive(s) and set-up's that makes that happen...  

This is the very first e-Pescadito prototype, all marked up and with the wrong baseplate...  I learned tons from this board. 

Looking from the top side of the board, you have no idea you're on an e-Hamboard...  The set-up I've selected is "matched" to the deck shape, does not inhibit the HST Trucks 30 degrees of board lean and the power pack fits my preference for flat land carving.  

Here's some of the preferences that guided my approach.  

    1. We need to use our own trucks. The feel of a Hamboard is board lean, not front swivel.  
    2. I strongly prefer to ride barefoot.  (When I do wear shoes, I use Merrell Barefoot "shoes" laced up good and tight.)  
    3. I don't want to get hurt so I don't need to overpower this thing.  
    4. I do like to carve and make surf style cuts in a relatively small space on smooth pavement with some rad banks and such.  Cruising down the sidewalk and "dare devil traffic dodging" just isn't my thing.  
    5. I don't actually like to go fast on skateboards anymore.  In fact, I have NEVER even pushed the Ride Unlimited controller past ECO MODE, which is too fast already.   

Hamboards Fish Board Lean

Not for cruising... I guess there's better boards for that... I have no idea how many miles I've gone on these e-Hammy's, because mileage range is an irrelevant performance metric for the way I like to carve these boards.  I use so little power that the batteries outlast me anyway.  For me, it's how long I get to ride, not how many miles I can do.  SO, after 20 minutes, my legs are fried from all the up/down and back/forth body motion that I'm doing while mimicking surfing moves...  It's kind of like snowboarding/skiing because at the end of a run, I'm wiped out and need a break.  When I first started riding these, well before the battery quit, I had jelly legs... But then again, I really pushed the carves and didn't cruise far.  When I'm riding the e-Pescadito, I'm surfing waves in my head... 

Regarding the e-Pescadito having one drive, the Pesky is so short that it turns incredibly tight.  I don't prefer the dual drives for the Pesky or HHOP prototypes I have built, because I sense differential slipping.  I may be wrong, but I have convinced myself that it's problematic.  I don't want to lose full contact with the ground, ever... The sliding friction coefficient is WAY lower than static, so I try to keep all four wheels gripping the pave all the time.  There is some logic to my objection since there's no "split differential" or any way to mimic such a feature which would make the inside wheel rotate slightly less than the outside drive wheel. 

We have found that any of our boards with one hub motor drive, we want it on the back heel, hence Goofy/Regular.  It's a subtle thing, but again, after spending hours trying all configurations, that seems to be the smartest way.  I notice most on rail grab backside turns.  (Got to keep the fin in the water.)

Dual front wheel drive on e-Logger

Regarding the e-Logger having two front drives; The Logger is quite a bit longer than the Pesky or HHOP, and I don't feel slipping, so dual drives seem to work...  Plus we figured out that front wheel drive is WAY better... That dual front drive e-Logger is incredible but it's still got way too much power... I have to hold way back on the throttle but I do "bury it" when I'm trying to pop-out out of a full board lean 180 degree turn.  We did put an angle riser on the back of the Logger to give it a much more "snappy" feel in a turn.  


When I ride my e-Hammy's at the beach, I don't ride it on the roads to my spot.  I actually put my e-board on Carver surfboard racks hanging off the side of my Honda Ruckus 50cc scooter... Then I putt-putt barefoot for a couple miles to that days' "secret spot".  THEN, I ride my e-Hammy till my legs give out or I drain the dual batteries.  THEN... I'll pack-up and ride home on the scooter... I am plenty happy to be leaning way back on my bad-ass scooter after 20~30 minutes of slicing up the pavement.


I'm by no means an expert on e-skate, and these are all my own personal preferences.  I guess, I do get to decide 'cause I'm the one who builds them.  Hope you like them too!  It's the most fun thing I've ever done on 4 wheels.