Black Friday 2017 - Best Buys and Deals That You’ll Hate To Miss

Black Friday 2017 - Best Buys and Deals That You’ll Hate To Miss

Hamboards Black Friday - Cyber Monday Best Deals and Offers on Longboard Skateboard


The timer is on, the countdown to 2017 Black Friday, November 24th has started ticking down and customer anticipations for finding awesome deals are higher than ever.

Black Friday which began in America has become the biggest household shopping event. Even outside the USA, in countries like the United Kingdom, record sales in billions of pounds are getting smashed every year.

People spent a record-breaking $5.17 billion (according to Adobe) buying online in an attempt to cash in on the best deals of the year.

"It was a strong weekend for retailers but an even better weekend for consumers, who took advantage of some really incredible deals" said Matthew Shay, CEO of National Retail Federation.


What's Hamboards Planning for Black Friday 2017?

Get Ready To Save On The Biggest Longboard Skateboard Discount Deals of 2017


Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer Coupons on Longboard Skateboards

 Gus, one of the Hamborg brothers said, "I remember, as kids we just wanted to go out and buy a lot, I mean volume, without spending much. So, that's what I think we should offer our customers.

Donnie nodded while swigging his beer and quipped, "We should make it a Black Friday Bash, a shopping bonanza for surfskaters".

So, we are gearing up to come up with the best Black Friday longboard-skateboard buys and deals in 2017. Sales and deals will be BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER and prices marked down for everything to make it a shopping extravaganza.

This November 24th, Hamboards will open the doors to the best shopping deals online.

We are getting ready with more inventories, coupons, codes, combo deals and bigger servers to handle traffic overload.

This will be your chance to cash in early and avoid the Christmas rush and those 'Sold Out' signs. Plus, you'll shine with the coolest and hippest presents in town for your loved ones.

Are you ready for the biggest shopping event of the year?

Stay tuned right here. We'll be bringing you more updates on Black Friday 2017 Best Buy Deals.

Plus, we'll ask you about your dream offer. At Hamboards, our customers shape our business, so let us know what you think and you might just get your wish come true.

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