Longboard Skateboard

We have some VERY exciting news…

To handcraft the worlds best longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles in the early days was a rather slow, careful and expensive process. Now, thanks to thousands of dedicated riders over the last 10 years, Hamboards has finally reached enough worldwide demand to be able to offer our boards at a far better price while constantly perfecting our quality and performance.  

Now everyone can experience everything from 

  • The simple and classic longboard experience of the HOP
  • The Beauty, Power and Grace from the Logger 
  • The High-Performance surfing like power of the Fish and Pinger  
  • and the Classic-The legendary longboard that changed everything 


  • If you have always wanted a Hamboard, but could not afford it - today is the day we have all been waiting for. 
  • If you already a loyal Hamboarder or a serious collector  - now you can afford to experience the full performance range in the rest of the series


We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who believed in us, and to let you know this is only the beginning.  As our commitment to you, price will never be between you and experiencing the worlds best longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles. So to help us grow the community tell your neighbors, friends, family, passer-bys, or let them ride yours. Together we can transform the landscape into a wave like experience. 

So TAKE ADVANTAGE of this LOWER PRICE opportunity and lets surf the earth today! 


Neil Buckley
Neil Buckley

March 28, 2016

Recently on the west coast and made special pilgrimage to the shop. They stayed open late so we could make it. Got to try out the whole inventory and see the newest boards. Phenomenal. Pleasantly surprised to find the Pinger had more carve and pump than the buying guide would suggest. Loved all the boards.


March 12, 2016

I fell with love in Surfing in Morocco a couple of years ago. I live in Dubai and we dont get many waves here. So I discovered the hamboards and I’d love to get one. Can you ship to Dubai? Do you have a dealer here?


March 02, 2016

Hi I bought one of your biscuits about 1 year ago now and shipped it over to England. I was wondering when you will next have the peccadito in stock as I feel that an upgrade is required. Seriously though these boards are dope. Buy one now

Nick Alfano
Nick Alfano

February 11, 2016

Alriiiiiight! Stoked to see this happen! I’ll be buying a few more soon!

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