Getting Your Hamboard by Christmas 2016

old school long board skate classic green

We want to make sure you get your Hamboard by Christmas, so here is the deadline break down. 

Dec. 17th: Last Day for Ground Shipping to East Coast, Midwest, Pacific Northwest and Texas
-Orders must be in by 3 PM PST.

Dec. 20st: Last Day for Ground Shipping to Rocky Mountains.
-Orders must be in by 3 PM PST.

Dec. 21nd: Last Day for Ground Shipping to Northern and Central California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.
-Order must be in by 3PM PST

Dec 22rd: Last Day for Ground Shipping to Southern California and Vegas.
-Orders must be in by 3PM. PST


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Szentmartoni, Erzsebet Maria
Szentmartoni, Erzsebet Maria

January 17, 2016

Hi there,
I would love to know if there is a chance that you’d offer your super cool boards via amazon?
I was about to buy one in Holland/ Netherland but they somehow got out of business – at least their homepage is offline/ not available.
Aloha and happy new year from Germany,

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