5 Things We Can Do To Preserve Marine Life
July 31, 2017

5 Things We Can Do To Preserve Marine Life


Here at Hamboards, we usually talk about boards, wheels, springs, woodcraft, freedom of motion, fitness etcetera etcetera.

Today I wanted to talk about something else, something that is as well very close to my heart - our oceans.

If you’re a surfer or simply grew up by the seaside, chances are that you’ve already felt the deep connection that is between you and the ocean swells, the rhythm of the waves, the vibrancy and life inside.

But let's leave all that blissful connection aside for a minute and see what the oceans actually do for us.

Oceans make our air breathable. They absorb 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere and produce 70-80% of all the air we breathe.

Without the oceans and the life in it, we would simply suffocate.

No matter how close or far you live from the shores, oceans and the life in them affect your life and the lives of your families and friends.

Life on land is intimately dependent on the oceans.

Save Our Oceans And Life Within

Historically, we used to think that we can never take too much out or put too much waste in our waters. WE WERE WRONG!

According to a recent report, approximately 2,270 marine species are listed as endangered or threatened.



Time to act before it’s too late.

Whether you’re living close to the coastline, or hundreds of miles away, we can all take part in preserving these beautiful oceans and life in them.

And we can do this just by being a little more thoughtful and carrying out little acts of kindness. 

How You Can Help Preserve Marine Life



Education - The best way to help marine life is by spreading awareness. Give yourself a little bit of time and learn more about life in the oceans. Most of us are oblivious to the existence of creatures like Vaquita or other porpoises.

The more you learn, the more you will understand and connect with the oceans and the lives within. Take that knowledge and start spreading the awareness.

Donate – There are a plethora of organizations in need of funds to help aid conservation.

Save the Vaquita is one of many trying to prevent their extinction with less than 30 remaining in 2016.

We are doing our best to support life in our seas and raise awareness.

You too can help


Buy Ocean-Friendly Gifts
Buy one of these luxury SandCloud Towels from our store, 10% of the profit will go to help conserve marine life.

Eat sustainable food: Global fishing industry is facing a meltdown. According to U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 75% the world’s fisheries are now overexploited or fully exploited and significantly depleted.

Irresponsible fishing habits with Gill-nets and poaching has led to the near extinction of Vaquitas today.

Eat Eco-Friendly Fishes and try eating local as much as possible. When shopping, look for fishes that are harvested in a sustainable way.


Image source: WhaleOfaTime.org

Adopt (Symbolic) – No, you do not need to house one in your swimming pool. You can adopt a sea animal at the National Marine Life Center for as little as $85.

You’ll receive a certificate, a picture of the animal and some other cool goodies to remind you of your generous contribution.

Clean your local beach – Did you know a jaw dropping 8 million tons of plastic go to the ocean each year? You can grab a few friends and have a fun day out while cleaning the beach.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


This will not only keep your beaches clean but will also prevent marine life from getting ill from toxic litters.

Ditch Plastic – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a boundless soup of microscopic litter debris.

The image above might convince you to break up with plastic altogether. This non-biodegradable hazard sits quietly in our household and ends up in our oceans.

Plastic bags decompose in 20 years and plastic bottles take up to 450 years.

You can use paper bags or take your own bag when going shopping.

Stop buying bottled water. Carry your own cool Save The Fishies Glass Water Bottle.

“A 2008 investigation by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group found some bottled water is sullied with untested industrial chemicals” (National Geographic).

This way, you save money, fossil fuel (used for transporting bottled water and keeping them chilled) and conserve our oceans.


The Take Away

Our little blue planet is turning into litter-sphere because of our unsustainable lifestyle.

The earth’s getting hotter, the ice caps are melting, air is getting more and more toxic, life on earth is disappearing.

Small acts of understanding and kindness from us can go a long way to change this. When we all set ourselves small goals, it’ll help the bigger picture.

We deserve a better life, our future generation deserves a greener planet. And we can do this together.


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