Wave Art

Wave Art

Soul Arch
Retired Beach Parking Sign
48" x 48"


When Chapman (Hamborg son #3) isn't surfing, hamboarding, or lifeguarding, he's painting. He has spent the last few years studying and teaching in Florence, Italy. Follow his charmed life at and check out more of his work and commission availablility at chapmanhamborg.com.


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December 02, 2015

I’m very sorry, 4:46. Either you’ve only ever worked in awful aencgies or you’re a soulless hack; why else would you continue to work in a ‘ruined’ industry when so much good stuff is getting made in good aencgies?Thanks to the many commenters who have asked for interesting chats, or warned us planners against inundating you with too much information. They’re points worth keeping in mind.Most good advertising has good planning – not always done by planners – behind it. Some of the best ‘planners’ I’ve worked with are creative directors. It’s true that there was good advertising made before planners existed, and that some very good advertising gets made today without planners. So planners have to be both rigorous and inspiring to be worth what aencgies pay them. What else do we do all day?As head of a planning department, I want to describe some of the elements of the planning job to dispel some of the ignorance shown in previous comments. Planners spend weeks working with clients, speaking with buyers of the product, and wading through reams of market data; they then whittle down the issues into a solvable problem. And most of them enjoy it. If they’re any good, they then try to find a way of presenting the problem in a way that uniquely gives the brand an advantage while inspiring creative people.I think you’ll agree it’s worth finding and paying for people who will focus on these tasks.Without planning, it’s creatives versus the client’s researchers. Without planning, it’s creatives wading through a yearly marketing plan, trying to work out what actually needs to get done.

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