Shark Tank Part 2

It's all happening again. Shark Tank is airing an update on the craziness of what's been happening here at Hamboards since we pitched. Hope you can tune in to ABC to check it out and this weekend get free shipping with the discount code SHARKTANKSHIPPING. Offer ends 1.12.15


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December 02, 2015

I attended the rally at the Huntington cootrhuuse on Apr 15 then I went to Indy to the rally there on the statehouse lawn and then on to Fort Wayne on the 18th. I prayed a revolution would swell up and snowball from those events.So far, the aftermath has been completely anti-climatic. In the mean time, the stooge Obama and his cabal handlers inflict almost irreversible damage action every single day. Every day, he twists the knife in our back with more determination.Cindy: Is there any action plan at this point for Huntington as it relates to uniting with masses of patriots nationwide? Is there any action plan, at all?

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