New Website!

Ah, yes.. it's like clean sheets on a Monday evening.

Okay we admit it was a long time coming (all that surfing and Hamboarding may have something to do with it) but we finally have a polished new website for all our inter-web friends.

Now it's easier than ever to find your perfect Hamboard. 

So snuggle in, and get to browsin'. 



May 22, 2016

Hello. I was born and raised in Oakland CA. I have moved to Riverside IL, with my husband. We saw you on Shark Tank and was impressed with your board. Our nephews are interested in the long boards but are both expecting babies. So the long board purchases are on hold. The reason for my message. Is that we are wondering if you can send us some stickers. Please let us know how much they are and we can call you for a payment. please leave the contact person etc….


April 29, 2016

I am looking to cross train on land for sup. Which length and board do-you suggest.

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