Precision Bearings (Chrome/Oil) - 1 Set ( 8 Bearings)

These are tue precision bearings, originally designed by World Champion Skateboard icon, Chris Chaput. These make our skateboards faster smoother by eliminating the stacked tolerance "slop" of conventional washers and spacers.   These bearings have fully integrating washers and spacers in each bearing. There is no frustration caused by dropping the washer or spacer in the dirt, searching for it; then once found, trying to get it perfectly clean so grit doesn't get into the assembly. Your lock nuts can be tightened snugly without pinching or binding the bearings. They align themselves perfectly on the axle and in the wheel hub. As a result, your wheels spin faster and longer and with less vibration and friction. This proven design helps to manage the tremendous side loads more evenly for longer wheel and bearing life. Wheel swapping is a breeze and the bearings are easy to clean.